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The Crest

look, I know there is lots of drama and anger over what has happened at the Crest, but if one lady can mend hearts and get people to come back inside -it is this lady!

1a true vision in the box office!


serving face

photo (1)lunchtime fortune proved correct- RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants at Sac State11.13

Bebe Zahara Benet11.13.1 11.13.2 11.13.3

Shannel11.13.4The girl who announced before the show pronounced RuPaul like Rupple- several times. I was highly embarrassed for her. I wish these queens would have read her for it.


90s girl band hair

I looked in the mirror today and realized I was rocking a hairdo that was very 90s girl in a band hair

1I couldn’t place what specific band for awhile but I think it must be Luscious Jackson

Luscious-Jackson-90sby the way, I wanna be in this kind of band. Ladies, 7os disco throwbacks, moody angst.

One time I found a Luscious Jackson sticker in the poster room and was so stoked.

Dia de los Muertos

Got to hang out with this lovely pair1 2 3 4 5
Purchase from Dia de los Muertos Fest came in this bag
6 7
Day two of eating whatever I wanted resulted in a schnitzel sandwich and fries from Lowbrau and ended with a Cappuccino Blast which I could only make it halfway through.

Sacramento come and gone

RIP Hamburger Mary’s/Patties and welcome Goldfield
long gone are the glittery mermaids hanging from the ceiling and eclectic staff and patrons. goodbye tiger mural and fish tanks
hello animal skulls
this is a hard adjustment for me, but I am glad to see new venues and restaurants coming into the mix
5 6We went across the street to enter BevMo- my first trip inside the building since the much beloved music store The Beat closed its doors. Hamburger Mary’s and The Beat will forever live on in my fond Sacramento memories.


State Fair friends

Living vicariously through H’s fair food choices1 2The long trek to the Smokey bandana
3 4
New ranger friend Dale
success at last!
6 7
my favorite kid art
8 9 10 11 12This place smelled like delicious candy
13chic fair fashion
14finally found something I can eat!
15modern concert going (Pat Benatar- still can’t hit the high note at the end of Heartbreaker)



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Goodnight mush

1the always delicious (and huge) chicken nachos from Chando’s

2I must have a thing for sad eyes

5Last Sacramento hang with Brenda. We’ll always have Spring Break.