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the Best Summer Ever returns 6•21•17

avoiding the sun

1It is absurdly hot in this non air conditioned house of mine


State Fair friends

Living vicariously through H’s fair food choices1 2The long trek to the Smokey bandana
3 4
New ranger friend Dale
success at last!
6 7
my favorite kid art
8 9 10 11 12This place smelled like delicious candy
13chic fair fashion
14finally found something I can eat!
15modern concert going (Pat Benatar- still can’t hit the high note at the end of Heartbreaker)


top down, Springsteen up

this 10 minute ride changed my lifem1 m2
pony projection
m3 m4Thanks for the ride Matt!


Summer Planning

1lovin’ the pixelation of this illustration
2cat hanging at Whitey’s. I shall name him French Fry

3coloring project while we wait


trying to cool off


it’s crazy hot2