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Best Summer Ever Podcast returns!

After a pandemic 2 year hiatus, your gals are back. Podcasting our lists of what we hope to do this Summer.

Rock Bottom?

A huge blow has hit the Best Summer Ever offices. Listen to hear the good and the bad news. Summer will carry on regardless so follow @yolkie on Insta for ways to get this train back on track

New Season of Best Summer Ever!

Listen to the Gals prepare for the Summer ahead. Amanda works on her tight 5 about Otter Pops and Angela is ready to ride in a convertible! Wheeeee.

Summer Offering

Today was officially the first day of Summer. A year ago I had the vision of sending a watermelon viking funeral style down the river as an offering to provide good tidings to the Summer ahead


We were on a true race against the clock to make it to the river before sundown. The spot was full of drunken river rats and we had to put ourselves in many treacherous situations to find a secluded spot in order to properly perform the ceremony. After cutting my scalp on bramble and falling down numerous times on steep inclines, we sent the melon off with a sparkler stuck in it right as the sun was touching the horizon.



Wishing everyone the best summer ever

the Best Summer Ever returns 6•21•17

avoiding the sun

1It is absurdly hot in this non air conditioned house of mine


State Fair friends

Living vicariously through H’s fair food choices1 2The long trek to the Smokey bandana
3 4
New ranger friend Dale
success at last!
6 7
my favorite kid art
8 9 10 11 12This place smelled like delicious candy
13chic fair fashion
14finally found something I can eat!
15modern concert going (Pat Benatar- still can’t hit the high note at the end of Heartbreaker)