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Strong female leads

Rescued these strong female leads from plastic. 2

Rainbow Brite was one of my favorites and it was hard to resist buying this 30 year old doll in pristine condition when I never had one at the time.

Xena Warrior Princess (interesting that we can’t have a female warrior without also tagging on a princess title)


Thanks to SNR this past week, I’ve been seriously craving Jimboy’s (I’m very susceptible to suggestion)



Then onto The Parlor for ice cream puffs6



Dangerously good

I really need to stop using BSE as an excuse to eat all the treats.

The elusive peach shake

It just doesn’t feel like Summer until you get a peach shake from Whitey’s Jolly Kone. Unfortunately, I was a few days ahead of the peach crop and settled for pineapple. 1





finally pulled the car over to take a picture of one of my favorite signs in West Sac


1This was altered right? The illustration is terrifying


space criminals must

written on the desk where I sit -can’t stop thinking of Veronica Mars or this song.2

ooo this withering stare is still melting me . I just wanted to give her props for her all-the-time use of a neck pillow1

this out of context wording delights me 3