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baby’s first Pride

I was in a super foul mood but I slapped on a rainbow tattoo and walked myself over to the Pride festivities.


Some Pride trends:

statment hats


Oversize t-shirt/kimonos and capri overalls on men


sexually suggestive prints and all the colors!


headdresses and rainbows (duh)


by the time RuPaul’s Drag Race likely winner of Season 9 contestant, Shea Couleé came on for her one song I was hurting, sweating and exhausted. That combined with a much worse vantage point of her than the night before, I was ready to get outta there.

feeling my fantasy

and am completely incapacitated now1

fashion fail

When you think you look cute but realize that your feet are fogging up your shoes1

shameless hair is looking good selfie2

new romantics


Illustration for Galliano by Howard Tangye

space criminals must

written on the desk where I sit -can’t stop thinking of Veronica Mars or this song.2

ooo this withering stare is still melting me . I just wanted to give her props for her all-the-time use of a neck pillow1

this out of context wording delights me 3

hot off the runway

trying out this ombre eyeliner look1

manga eyes

Could not resist the idea of having anime eyes thanks to a mascara 1.1

Fall fashion mags

my favorite time for clothingf1 f2

turn these rags into my fashion vision boards fashion fashion2 fashion3

dressing room failures

I’m in a weird point where I’ve lost weight and in between sizes. I tired on so many items. Nothing is working1