Cat Watch

Housesitting/trying to cope with allergies


The elusive peach shake

It just doesn’t feel like Summer until you get a peach shake from Whitey’s Jolly Kone. Unfortunately, I was a few days ahead of the peach crop and settled for pineapple. 13


finally pulled the car over to take a picture of one of my favorite signs in West Sac

Shake the Shudder


!!! (Chk chk chk) at Harlows really served up the energy. I wasn’t in a very good mood that night and only Chk Chk Chk could convince me to turn my frown into feeling it on the dance floor.


Grace, the new addition to the group, really turned everything up a notch3548691011121413151718

Kitten Kats close out the season

Pre-Game/Getting ready


Post Game/Cool down


Summer Offering

Today was officially the first day of Summer. A year ago I had the vision of sending a watermelon viking funeral style down the river as an offering to provide good tidings to the Summer ahead


We were on a true race against the clock to make it to the river before sundown. The spot was full of drunken river rats and we had to put ourselves in many treacherous situations to find a secluded spot in order to properly perform the ceremony. After cutting my scalp on bramble and falling down numerous times on steep inclines, we sent the melon off with a sparkler stuck in it right as the sun was touching the horizon. 2.3

Wishing everyone the best summer ever

River taxi

courtesy of Mike C.