I Think I’m Missing Parts/ The Ralph Handel Story

The Safdie Sisters talk about their history with the Safdie Brothers and the first early short films by Josh and Benny Safdie.

Visions of the Summer to Come

Floating, abandoning dating apps, checking things off our Summer lists, and sharing our Summer vision boards

Best Summer Ever Podcast returns!

After a pandemic 2 year hiatus, your gals are back. Podcasting our lists of what we hope to do this Summer.

Purple Rain Watch – Day 39

Newest project: taking footage from Purple Rain and creating the most boring of all short films. This time using all of the establishing shots combined. Follow @yolkie on Instagram for a visual aid.

*Special Announcement*

The Halloween Show has been postponed two whole months! New date: May 30th 2020 at Verge Center for the Arts. What will become of Purple Rain Watch?! Click to find out

Purple Rain Watch – Day 38

Spotlight on Dez Dickerson- Frontman of The Modernaires and previously seen as lead guitarist for Prince’s band. *You have selected… Purple Rain. Brought to you by KSFM 102 5*

Purple Rain Watch – Day 36

More celebrity sightings discovered in the First Avenue crowd! We’ve got Particia Arquette, we’ve got Jordan Peele, we’ve got Emo Phillips?!