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banana on the stairs kind of day

1this is a very unfortunate place to encounter a banana. Luckily I defied my fate momentarily.

After weeks of waiting (not to mention a day spent in line) and an involved conversation with the R Street Warehouse Artists Lofts manager, I received some bad news. After agreeing on rent and deciding it was worth it to pay more than I do now to move in, we were attempting to coordinate a meeting time to sign paperwork when I mentioned I had class during the proposed meeting time. I was asked if I was a full time student and then was told they couldn’t rent to me. Apparently there is a different tax write-off for students and low income housing. This information was nowhere on the website, application, or asked during the 15 minute meeting I had with someone after waiting in line all morning. This was a waste of my time and money. Had I known I wouldn’t have even applied. Also, I would imagine a lot of younger artists who are low income are very likely the kinds of people that are attempting school in some fashion, because what else is there to do for an artist? Who are these lofts benefiting? I’m so grateful a project like this is occurring in Sacramento and attempting to help the art community, but it feels a little misguided. Anyway….total bummer

2 it is getting cold. My least favorite part of dealing with cold weather is the extreme temperature changes when going in and out of the elements. The bus windows are fogging up in response. My house is so cold that when you go to wash a glass in warm water it shatters due to the severe difference in temperature.


best cookies/greatest battles

11.18humans sure are strange

sidewalk obstruction

walking to school I saw a shopping cart overturned and blocking the sidewalk. From far away there looked to be thousands of colorful flyers or something all strewn about. As I got close I realized I was standing in front of a blocks worth of condoms. 2

I’m mostly blown away with how many different types there were1

light rail tableau

urban found sculpture on light rail bench: energy drink, stack of diapers and mini bottle of alcohol

11.12an empty car? what a rare sight for me.


Someone had a pretty amazing Saturday Night

1The remains of a good street party

game that exists at my house

2 4 3

good thing I don’t play games