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The long wait for affordable housing

Got wind of this Warehouse Artist Loft project 1Stood in line for 6 hours to apply
2I apparently was not the only one excited by the chance to live amongst artists for an actually affordable rate. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

TBD day two

The fashion of TBD:


So many man buns


It’s basically the Wild West out here






6 789101112Danny Brown
Nick Waterhouse161718 1920
MS MR – I didn’t know much about them, but this girl came out with so much energy and enthusiasm and completely won me over

Explosions in the Sky
SO amazing. Made me feel like the world was ending but everything was going to be ok. Inexplicably had tear rolling down my face for most of the set

outloud gasp

I opened up the Sacramento News and Review Best of Sacramento issue and was audibly shocked to see these results



Seeing as how my boyfriend, my family and I did not vote for me- I don’t know how this was possible. Thank you SNR! It would have been nice though if someone had contacted me in order to get my website information.


Went to see William Burg talk about his newest book8.29burg-midtown

Sacramento come and gone

RIP Hamburger Mary’s/Patties and welcome Goldfield
long gone are the glittery mermaids hanging from the ceiling and eclectic staff and patrons. goodbye tiger mural and fish tanks
hello animal skulls
this is a hard adjustment for me, but I am glad to see new venues and restaurants coming into the mix
5 6We went across the street to enter BevMo- my first trip inside the building since the much beloved music store The Beat closed its doors. Hamburger Mary’s and The Beat will forever live on in my fond Sacramento memories.


Sacramento Fashions in the park

this girl look like she came directly out of an L7 concert. Just a bra, flannel tied at the waist and knee highs

f2a concert in the park do: if you are going to dance, wear something that’ll move. Nice top knot and rocking the heck out of a swinging fringe skirt
f4J. Lo casual fly girl 90s look. crop top denim floral vest and high-waisted short skirt.
f3My pick for the look of the evening: a perfect summer outfit. baggy tank, with colorful bra underneath, ombre denim cutoffs, and the perfect white keds.
f1and representing for the men: