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90s girl band hair

I looked in the mirror today and realized I was rocking a hairdo that was very 90s girl in a band hair

1I couldn’t place what specific band for awhile but I think it must be Luscious Jackson

Luscious-Jackson-90sby the way, I wanna be in this kind of band. Ladies, 7os disco throwbacks, moody angst.

One time I found a Luscious Jackson sticker in the poster room and was so stoked.

Goodnight mush

1the always delicious (and huge) chicken nachos from Chando’s

2I must have a thing for sad eyes

5Last Sacramento hang with Brenda. We’ll always have Spring Break.

Me ‘n’ Dolly

1 2

Speaking of.. I love Casey Wilson as Dolly Parton in Drunk History



It’s 3 am


and I have so much work and final preparation to do. So tired.

little hair, don’t care


studying in library. going nuts

the one that got away

trying out the high-waisted midriff look. 1not quite bold enough yet


Baby, I’m Coming Home

1layover waiting at the airport
obsessed with icons instructing how your hands should move