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Christmas Comp Cassette

Cassette Release of A Christmas Comp For You From Sacramento put out by Domestic Honey

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White Women Love Jazz


Kittens Having Kittens




Knock Knock



Huge shoutout to Cody Scott for making this all happen.

so lonely

The Four Eyes return to Sacramento 1Jay is hilarious on the drums
2Knock Knock
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Art and music

Studio tours at Verge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

solid line up

Kittens having Kittens!1 2 3 4

Dynamic Fuzz Bomb5 6 7

Knock Knock8 9


this guy played a Billy Joel song (moving out?) which I would normally be against, but he rocked it out on an omnichord which I wholeheartedly endorse

1Knock Knock2

the biz and co.

Ford Ancient13


Knock Knock2 5