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Bloggin’ again celebration

Well guys, it is Summer so I’m bringing the blog back. Time to whip out something good to drink

1.1I bought myself this rosé as an incentive to start blogging. So here I am. Drink up
1.2and enjoy the blogs to come.

Greece Forever!

Took in a World Cup game at Elixir,

1followed up with a mini tournament of Skee ball

2I honestly had the greatest time watching Greece play Costa Rica at the bar. I never would have thought it, but I have become a shouting at the television sports watcher. People were screaming all kinds of nonsense at the bar like, “get outta my kitchen!” and “Greece forever!!!” Though my team didn’t win, it ended with overtime penalty kicks which has to be the most intense a game can get. Loved it. A special goodbye to my chosen World Cup boyfriend. Goodbye my sad eyed Panagiotis Kone. It was fun.


Saturday is barbecue day

1.1Gabe strikes again with another amazing burger. Spicy fennel slaw and cheddar cheese on a dutch crunch roll.
1.2Beer run- one for each of us

1.3Parking lot accordion player4 Joel of the Four Eyes
5Lory of Mos Likely

old haunts

1Getting soaked by the misters while grabbing a drink at the Tower Cafe23Got two boys to come see Obvious Child with me at Tower. I’m officially love Jenny Slate. Watch this video– it is one of the few things that makes me laugh every time.

Fries for the table

1 2I took video of this rare wildlife phenomenon 



Hot Dog

Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang1 2 3 4Mos Likely5 6 7The Enlows8 9 10

Dinner and a show

farro and peach salad and fried green tomato sandwich from Mother. Both are highly delicious1


Amateur Hour at Witch Room



72014 played an epic set where the entire audience watched while being on stage with the band.




Are you ready for the Summer…

First day of Summer


23Upon leaving the State Fair, Heather was promised a barbecued peach- one year later here it is:
Cool shirts