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Travolta’s Cage

1Caveman diet is going well.
2Watching Face/Off in the backyard.

Nic-Cage-Face-Off-Gif 4this happened



1Ate potato salad and deviled eggs for dinner.

Saturday is barbecue day

1.1Gabe strikes again with another amazing burger. Spicy fennel slaw and cheddar cheese on a dutch crunch roll.
1.2Beer run- one for each of us

1.3Parking lot accordion player4 Joel of the Four Eyes
5Lory of Mos Likely

Are you ready for the Summer…

First day of Summer


23Upon leaving the State Fair, Heather was promised a barbecued peach- one year later here it is:
Cool shirts

Summer salad

Farmer’s market lunch:

  • Placer peaches
  • Watanabe onion and basil
  • Capay olive oil
  • North valley chèvre


Clear Eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Potato puree, corn basil salad, candied bacon, and panko fried egg. 3 We started watching Friday Night Lights and have become enamored and obsessed. Tami and Eric forever.

1d9eb3e1f52d1abfa6ad045533e722a8tamitaylor3Seeing this Friday NIght Lights reference in Orange is the New Black made me so happy.
4Homemade Friday Night Lights shirt

the dog to end all dogs

1three sauces and an endless amount of toppings. So good but made me feel so bad