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bull shark!

you guys, Mark Trail is getting real good. It’s serving underwater adventure just when I was losing all hope for excitement. Of course now we will have two weeks of nothing happening. Thanks Mark Trail¬†mark

losing weight is tough

It’s hard enough to start eating healthy and attempt to get into shape, but sometimes people don’t maker it any easier on you- as evidenced by Reunion by Pascal Girard 8.12.1


the best kind of Family Circus

is the kind where the children have wardrobe confusion and malfunction 1

Wee Pals face

I was reading the Sunday Comics and wondering aloud about Wee Pals.

Gabriel asked if someone in the strip was making this face:

Answer: yes!2
Post Script: Wee Pals not being in the Sunday paper anymore is upsetting. We all knew it was coming, rest in peace Morrie Turner.

Are you ready for the Summer…

First day of Summer


23Upon leaving the State Fair, Heather was promised a barbecued peach- one year later here it is:
Cool shirts

Freddie & Me

graphic novel by Mike Dawson 2 1