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depicting DFW with toys

My assignment was to depict a non-fiction story into two photographs. One in black and white and one in color


I chose a piece that has really stuck with me by David Foster Wallace called 9/11: The View From the Midwest Essentially it was his experience watching the events of 9/11. He did not have a television so he had to go to a neighbor’s house. He felt like a different being than those around them, as if they didn’t belong in a world where these kind of things could happen.



best cookies/greatest battles

11.18humans sure are strange


Went to see William Burg talk about his newest book8.29burg-midtown

Fall fashion mags

my favorite time for clothingf1 f2

turn these rags into my fashion vision boards fashion fashion2 fashion3

losing weight is tough

It’s hard enough to start eating healthy and attempt to get into shape, but sometimes people don’t maker it any easier on you- as evidenced by Reunion by Pascal Girard 8.12.1


what I’m reading

I want to make one of these fabric books

Book Club

My first meeting with Sacramento Society of Youthful Readers

going bovine

the book

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my Holodeck Picard bookmark

2delicious pasta salad
1A question was asked that blew my mind, “Is it more tomorrow than it used to be?”

Freddie & Me

graphic novel by Mike Dawson 2 1