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Greece Forever!

Took in a World Cup game at Elixir,

1followed up with a mini tournament of Skee ball

2I honestly had the greatest time watching Greece play Costa Rica at the bar. I never would have thought it, but I have become a shouting at the television sports watcher. People were screaming all kinds of nonsense at the bar like, “get outta my kitchen!” and “Greece forever!!!” Though my team didn’t win, it ended with overtime penalty kicks which has to be the most intense a game can get. Loved it. A special goodbye to my chosen World Cup boyfriend. Goodbye my sad eyed Panagiotis Kone. It was fun.


The 180

I started the afternoon talking crap about the World Cup. I was asking when it was going to be over and then literally 5 minutes later started to get into it. All it took was a giant screen in front of my face, two ladies, and up-close shots of football players.
1I spied a handsome sad looking man in the lineup and decided Greece was my team and suddenly I was invested.2ombré of beers