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Kitten Kats close out the season

Pre-Game/Getting ready






Post Game/Cool down



Purple Reign

While searching for my Bobby Jackson  jersey, my Dad unearthed this sweatshirt I made him in 2002 1 I had completely forgotten about this. Precious. 2 Super stoked to be in Arco watching a game for the first time in probably a decade. 3 i’m really going to miss this arena. It feels quite intimate 4 Weird McLemore “cutest face in the NBA” spinning display. 5

Mockingjay meh

Went to see the the newest movie installment of Hunger Games – Mockingjay part 1. It was whatever. I was sad to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman totally checked out and phoning in one of his last roles (this opinion seems to be the minority. I felt like any scene he was in would have felt the same without him or that character)

The best part of the movie was the numerous game winning assists by Sacramento Kings player Bobby Jackson


Boggs played by Mahershala Ali


Bobby Jackson

I might just have the Kings on my mind but I couldn’t help but think/wish that Bobby was in the movie. Seriously though, watch it and think of him. So many assists by Boggs

Loving these Kings

The team dynamic is pretty great on the Kings right now. A lot of scrappy and interesting characters.

141106135338-20141105-sac-reggie-jumper-00002425.1200x672 Gabe called that I was going to love Omri Casspi and boy was he right. This clip of him fixing Boogie’s headband is adorable.


at the old ballgame

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Instagrams by Angela

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We made it on the Jumbotron! Dreams do come true



Greece Forever!

Took in a World Cup game at Elixir,

1followed up with a mini tournament of Skee ball

2I honestly had the greatest time watching Greece play Costa Rica at the bar. I never would have thought it, but I have become a shouting at the television sports watcher. People were screaming all kinds of nonsense at the bar like, “get outta my kitchen!” and “Greece forever!!!” Though my team didn’t win, it ended with overtime penalty kicks which has to be the most intense a game can get. Loved it. A special goodbye to my chosen World Cup boyfriend. Goodbye my sad eyed Panagiotis Kone. It was fun.


The 180

I started the afternoon talking crap about the World Cup. I was asking when it was going to be over and then literally 5 minutes later started to get into it. All it took was a giant screen in front of my face, two ladies, and up-close shots of football players.
1I spied a handsome sad looking man in the lineup and decided Greece was my team and suddenly I was invested.2ombré of beers