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The Quest

Guys! My art is going to be in the State Fair. I didn’t know it till it happened, but this is a dream come true. I got to see the State Fair exhibition center in it’s uninhabited state. Creepy and Peaceful.


In other news: I heard a commercial for a Burger King Lucky Charms shake and could not stop thinking about wanting one. We had to visit 4 different locations before we found our gold.



Honestly, it was worth the quest. So Good


Franco so good

just read a Dilbert and go to sleep


from New York Magazine

at the old ballgame

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Instagrams by Angela

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We made it on the Jumbotron! Dreams do come true



Tintype dream come true

I had a vision for the Western Tates that our band photo should be a tintype 1lo and behold at Tank House there was a pop-up tintype studio
2 3 4before cell phone picture
after tintype portrait

western tatesmission accomplished

with Jon Stewart

Shake Shack…so good


waited in line for many many hours

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success! we got our tickets


how we felt after receiving our tickets and having time for some beers

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super surreal



Nightime art on the street8 9 10 11 12 13

Whitney Biennial

I’ve always wanted to check out the Whitney Biennial1 2 3

clearly ripping off the Future Art Notables’ install at the Verge


Sadly, I was really underwhelmed with the collections of this particular Biennial. I sat outside on a bench and pondered if I even enjoyed art at all anymore. Then I went upstairs and saw some of the permanent collection and felt much better about things

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Central Park Amanda