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Tintype dream come true

I had a vision for the Western Tates that our band photo should be a tintype 1lo and behold at Tank House there was a pop-up tintype studio
2 3 4before cell phone picture
after tintype portrait

western tatesmission accomplished

Where Lando Calrissian hangs out

The Western Tates were asked to play at Menagerie- a Pop-Up Art Show at District 30,1For some reason this seemed like a good idea right before playing.
3I wish I had talked to the artist that made this gloriously giant Bill Cosby painting. This belongs in every house I live in from now till forever. (Edit: No longer want this painting, seeing that Bill Cosby turned out to be a creep)

2Wheaton was born to look this way. Killing it.


photo taken by Michelle Barbaria

A clip of the performance


New members

Western Tates1now with steel guitar, guitar, and drums

Howdy I’m HonkyDonky

Surprised to see a flyer on the street for the Western Tates show tonight1

We’re on the teh vey

Western Tates being shot for Access Sacramento1 2