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Before Trilogy


You guys! Have you seen these movies?! Please watch them. They are so lovely. If I had the money I would buy this collection right now. It’s gonna have to wait (I bought the regular dvds back in the day)


just read a Dilbert and go to sleep


from New York Magazine


The fortunes we received before venturing out for the night1 2 3
Seeing as how I have yet to be able to see Prince live, I decided to go do the next best thing- Go to see Princess- Maya Rudolph’s Prince cover band
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The whole thing made me realize how badass Sacramento and the Halloween show is- where instead of merely being cover bands we try to become those people for the night. I wanted Maya to channel Prince a little more, but hey- there is only one Prince.
“Of course America has royalty- we have Prince”

great birthday card in the mail

cardMaking me think of this Louie CK moment

In hindsight I am wishing I did this when I was in New York