Monthly Archives: July 2014

Leatherby’s birthday

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Happy birthday H!
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Watching other people eat their ice cream like a creep

avoiding the sun

1It is absurdly hot in this non air conditioned house of mine


at the old ballgame

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Instagrams by Angela

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We made it on the Jumbotron! Dreams do come true



market finds

flowers for my mom and her new robot knee

the best kind of Family Circus

is the kind where the children have wardrobe confusion and malfunction 1

Becky’s birthday Beach Boys

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Beach Boys photos courtesy of Angela with editing by yours truly
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working out with weights (biking to work)

Thanks to the near death of my car and the kindness of the Angels, I have been riding this bad boy to work1It’s a 14 mile total commute, which is a lot when you consider I haven’t biked anywhere in decades.

2I do get to see some beautiful sites along the way like the river and baby ducks.


a special treat from me to you:

I will never not love this

unwanted plates

this week the thrift store was full of ’em 2 3 4

State Fair friends

Living vicariously through H’s fair food choices1 2The long trek to the Smokey bandana
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New ranger friend Dale
success at last!
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my favorite kid art
8 9 10 11 12This place smelled like delicious candy
13chic fair fashion
14finally found something I can eat!
15modern concert going (Pat Benatar- still can’t hit the high note at the end of Heartbreaker)