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DJ Crocker


Spinning fries for days at the Hideaway


Two face

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Imagining if this were a painting I would think it was genius in its banality 4

It’s March!!

My favorite sentence that my boyfriend has ever said to me, “Bitch, you better change the Beyonce calendar…it’s March!!”1

your love is late


better late than never.


Sunday rituals


tagging along with this guy for a Bloody Mary and some football


welcome vandalization

the artwork of Gabriel Nokes up at Bows & Arrows

11.17this portrait of the big butt boss was shown with a marker next to it practically begging for vandals to go for it


dead don’t shave

some sort of no shave November kickoff at Insight with some old timey fresh start shave1 2

Dia de los Muertos celebration in Old Sac3 4 5

Gabriel’s new prized possession: this goblin stick
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