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Bows & Arrows final farewell/ The Four Eyes extravaganza

Last day at Bows & Arrows
Nerd Night all day long1 21 2
the largest amount of games I have ever seen- my worst nightmare.
I don’t play games
3 4 5
The Four Eyes played two sets (maybe 3? One the night before?)

6 7

Most joyful sets of all time

welcome vandalization

the artwork of Gabriel Nokes up at Bows & Arrows

11.17this portrait of the big butt boss was shown with a marker next to it practically begging for vandals to go for it


solid line up

Kittens having Kittens!1 2 3 4

Dynamic Fuzz Bomb5 6 7

Knock Knock8 9


Gal Pals meeting 1 2 3 4


Tarot show


my piece: Three of Swords 2 3

Gabriel Nokes’ piece: Seven of Wands 4 5