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Verge Halloween Party


the inspiration:



Best Halloween Ever Band- photos courtesy Angela Ayala
131516141718Red right hand




Cry if I want to

For the past three months I have been abiding by the Paleo diet whenever possible- no grains, dairy, or sugar. I’ve even lost 40 pounds. I decided that on my birthday weekened I was going to eat whatever I wanted. So I started my day off with McDonald’s breakfast

a.1I’ve always felt pride about my iron- I can eat anything I want- stomach. About 10 minutes into this McMuffin I felt my stomach tie itself into painful knots. It’s official- I am a food weenie now

The rest of the day I ate cake, urban fries, and friend chicken and boy did it make me feel like crap. Weirdly not worth all the delicious junk.


Light rail signage

10.30Music is not ok, Starbucks welcome

The long wait for affordable housing

Got wind of this Warehouse Artist Loft project 1Stood in line for 6 hours to apply
2I apparently was not the only one excited by the chance to live amongst artists for an actually affordable rate. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Spooky silhouettes

1something about playing Halloweenie songs made the shadow on this drum look menacing