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bell pepp

so many seeds in one little bell pepper


Feminist fortune


Is this fortune suggesting misandry?!2

Taqueria Mi Lindo Apatzingan


a trek out to Rio Linda to try this masterpiece of a molcajete

crab feed!

thanks to the Ninjas we got to feast on delicious crab 1 2 3 4 5 6

Giving Thanks

in Tomales Bay1 27431098651112

Japanese pub food

Celebrated the birthday of Alec Roberts by going to Izakaya Daikoku and imagined we were dining in Japan. Pretty solid all around time- delightful waiter, good drinks and food. 1 2

This yellow bunny sake was deliciously refreshing. I’m always afraid of flavored sakes being too sweet. The back of the bottle says, “This is a new starting point for all Japanese beverages. It was conceived as  the finest brand ever created and to remain the best that the world will ever see .”



this teppan okonomiyaki is like a Japanese savory pancake/pizza. It was delicious but super filling and heavy. If you were drunk at 2 am this would be incredible.