Japanese pub food

Celebrated the birthday of Alec Roberts by going to Izakaya Daikoku and imagined we were dining in Japan. Pretty solid all around time- delightful waiter, good drinks and food. 1 2

This yellow bunny sake was deliciously refreshing. I’m always afraid of flavored sakes being too sweet. The back of the bottle says, “This is a new starting point for all Japanese beverages. It was conceived as  the finest brand ever created and to remain the best that the world will ever see .”



this teppan okonomiyaki is like a Japanese savory pancake/pizza. It was delicious but super filling and heavy. If you were drunk at 2 am this would be incredible.

banana on the stairs kind of day

1this is a very unfortunate place to encounter a banana. Luckily I defied my fate momentarily.

After weeks of waiting (not to mention a day spent in line) and an involved conversation with the R Street Warehouse Artists Lofts manager, I received some bad news. After agreeing on rent and deciding it was worth it to pay more than I do now to move in, we were attempting to coordinate a meeting time to sign paperwork when I mentioned I had class during the proposed meeting time. I was asked if I was a full time student and then was told they couldn’t rent to me. Apparently there is a different tax write-off for students and low income housing. This information was nowhere on the website, application, or asked during the 15 minute meeting I had with someone after waiting in line all morning. This was a waste of my time and money. Had I known I wouldn’t have even applied. Also, I would imagine a lot of younger artists who are low income are very likely the kinds of people that are attempting school in some fashion, because what else is there to do for an artist? Who are these lofts benefiting? I’m so grateful a project like this is occurring in Sacramento and attempting to help the art community, but it feels a little misguided. Anyway….total bummer

2 it is getting cold. My least favorite part of dealing with cold weather is the extreme temperature changes when going in and out of the elements. The bus windows are fogging up in response. My house is so cold that when you go to wash a glass in warm water it shatters due to the severe difference in temperature.


keeping dry

11.1911.19.1bundled up and happy

best cookies/greatest battles

11.18humans sure are strange

space criminals must

written on the desk where I sit -can’t stop thinking of Veronica Mars or this song.2

ooo this withering stare is still melting me . I just wanted to give her props for her all-the-time use of a neck pillow1

this out of context wording delights me 3

Two face

2 3

Imagining if this were a painting I would think it was genius in its banality 4

Bright Faces

at the Fox & Goose 1


The Crest

look, I know there is lots of drama and anger over what has happened at the Crest, but if one lady can mend hearts and get people to come back inside -it is this lady!

1a true vision in the box office!


serving face

photo (1)lunchtime fortune proved correct- RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants at Sac State11.13

Bebe Zahara Benet11.13.1 11.13.2 11.13.3

Shannel11.13.4The girl who announced before the show pronounced RuPaul like Rupple- several times. I was highly embarrassed for her. I wish these queens would have read her for it.