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Purple Rain Watch – Day 39

Newest project: taking footage from Purple Rain and creating the most boring of all short films. This time using all of the establishing shots combined. Follow @yolkie on Instagram for a visual aid.

*Special Announcement*

The Halloween Show has been postponed two whole months! New date: May 30th 2020 at Verge Center for the Arts. What will become of Purple Rain Watch?! Click to find out

Purple Rain Watch – Day 38

Spotlight on Dez Dickerson- Frontman of The Modernaires and previously seen as lead guitarist for Prince’s band. *You have selected… Purple Rain. Brought to you by KSFM 102 5*

Purple Rain Watch – Day 36

More celebrity sightings discovered in the First Avenue crowd! We’ve got Particia Arquette, we’ve got Jordan Peele, we’ve got Emo Phillips?!

Purple Rain Watch – Day 34

Guess what? It turns out feelings are embarrassing. Your gal is no exception to this rule. Things get emotional.

Purple Rain Watch – Day 32

Awkwardness abounds and good dancing goes without saying, but is said anyway.