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In a pre-Barbie movie world

The gals discuss a Midsummer gathering and talk about the first week of Summer

Barbie Summer

The Gals are back with another attempt at having the Best Summer Ever. Can Barbie save Summer?

podcasting ghosts

where we talk about fried chicken food poisoning, our hatred of gun powder, and wondering if we exist.

In which we discover our mutual podcast crush (let’s get hysterical)

Your gals are finally back from spinning wheel computer hell with a salvaged from the depths audio file for your enjoyment.


Visions of the Summer to Come

Floating, abandoning dating apps, checking things off our Summer lists, and sharing our Summer vision boards

Best Summer Ever Podcast returns!

After a pandemic 2 year hiatus, your gals are back. Podcasting our lists of what we hope to do this Summer.

Stalled on the tarmac

oOooo folks! This one is a doozy. Buckle up, this flight will experience turbulence. ALSO: despite what you’ve heard, Summer is not over. We are still trudging through.