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Get your life together

My room has become one giant pile of clothes



Purchased another closet rack and as many hangers as my hands could hold



low rent equals more problems


the bathroom located the floor above where my desk is started heavily leaking and resulted in desk chaos and tools drenched in water23

horror show


Found in the backyard: a bucket full of old tomatoes and squash collected from the garden that had filled with rain water. Inside were large worm/insects thriving under the liquid. The whole thing was full of them. They looked like some alien life form. It was very upsetting. Later the bucket was dumped in the garbage where a bunch of bleach water had just been dumped and the critters continued to live and survive at the bottom of the trash. *shudder*

Organized clutter

My guy cleaned up my desk while I was away. He likes a space to look lived in but where everything has its place 2