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Howdy I’m HonkyDonky

Surprised to see a flyer on the street for the Western Tates show tonight1

the one that got away

trying out the high-waisted midriff look. 1not quite bold enough yet


Welcome home

My guy sweetly made this sign for my room1Art at the K Bar2

Baby, I’m Coming Home

1layover waiting at the airport
obsessed with icons instructing how your hands should move

Last day in New York

I’m going to miss this place

1You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but they had the most incredible art exbitit pairing so called Degerate Art alongside the art approved by Hitler and the Nazis

2I looked art art along with actress Frances McDormand
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.29.24 PM

More art on the street

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Another major reason I went ahead and got myself to New York was the fact that Brenda’s band, North Highlands, was going to play their last show ever



I’ve ¬†never gotten to see them, so I had to be there. They killed it, even David Byrne thought so


I never knew parting would be such sorrow New York. I hope we see each other soon

I’ll have what she is having

Seeing a Broadway play starring two of my favorite guys of all time with one of my favorite ladies of all time1 2 3

We have waiting for Godot fever


The Patrick Stewart to my Ian McKellen


if only I could just et a tiny bite of this pastrami now …

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with Jon Stewart

Shake Shack…so good


waited in line for many many hours

1 2 3

success! we got our tickets


how we felt after receiving our tickets and having time for some beers

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super surreal



Nightime art on the street8 9 10 11 12 13

So much art to be seen

1 2 3

MOMA- Marcel Duchamp

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a Klimt in person is so much more beautiful than I could have imagined

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Impressed that Seurat did pointillism on the frames as well


My first van Gogh in person


Unexpectedly got very emotional over this Robert Mapplethrope print. he was focusing on this beauty of man while his body was being eaten away by AIDS


always love some Richard Avedon




The best art of the day was seen in the subway where someone had artfully torn away layers of posters12 13 14 15


I wish I could remember the name if this band. I enjoyed them very much


Kokomo/Another One Bites the Crust


reminders are everywhere that I should be at home with the Beach Boys and Queen practicing for the Halloween show



Whitney Biennial

I’ve always wanted to check out the Whitney Biennial1 2 3

clearly ripping off the Future Art Notables’ install at the Verge


Sadly, I was really underwhelmed with the collections of this particular Biennial. I sat outside on a bench and pondered if I even enjoyed art at all anymore. Then I went upstairs and saw some of the permanent collection and felt much better about things

5 6 7

Central Park Amanda